CFV Vixens 4 Vets

CFV Vixens 4 Vets are a 501 (c) (3) (paperwork submitted) and a Mississippi state licensed charity group that provides moral support to our active duty servicemen and women and our veterans.  Aids in educating our communities to the sacrifices and suffering our veterans deal with.  We promote awareness to PTSD and suicides among our veterans.

Many would compare our group as a calendar girl type organization but we go a step beyond just that, as we are aggressively supporting events that promote respect for our military, care for our veterans and display honor for our fallen.

Come out and share a smile with us as we get photos during our events!

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​We will have a 2019 calendar out soon - stay informed and check our site often!
Our Ladies provided a great meet n greet introduction to our Freedom Ball attendees on July 14, 2018!

Our Vixen Latroya visited the Armed Forces Retirement Home and gave out FREE tickets to our Freedom Ball!

She and other Vixens met with them when they arrived at the Ball