Our 2017 Speaker
Major General Labrutta
Commander 2nd Air Force

We Care about our Veterans and Military

Our Freedom Ball is our largest and most enjoyable of events - not to mention it is our most flamboyant community interaction to display our respect and support for our military.

Everyone who is anyone that openly and patriotically supports our military and cares about the welfare of our veterans will be attending and supporting this event.  If you don't see them there then start questioning their true colors!

We do NOT pay salaries to our directors or officers and we do NOT pay for anyone to attend this event or partake in any of the activities.
All of our bands, singers, entertainers, emcees and speakers are there of their own free will and patriotic support.

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We recognize and Thank our Commander Level Sponsors:
** Their actions and money say "true Patriots"**

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    1. South of Ten Band
      South of Ten Band
      Patriotic guys that entertained us in 2016
    2. Having a good time with friends
      Having a good time with friends
      Vice President Roxanne, President Kevin (Reb) Cuttill with Kathy and Keith Johnson
    3. Great photo
      Great photo
      CFV VP Roxanne Cuttill, myself along with Cheryl and Julie Lewis looking very sharp!
    4. Kathy, Connie and Virginia
      Kathy, Connie and Virginia
      Everyone having a good time
    5. Great photo
      Great photo
      Chris and Christina Re are great people
    6. Standing proud
    7. Family and Friends
      Family and Friends
    8. Beautiful faces
      Beautiful faces
      Dress up and have fun!
    9. Chris Re
      Chris Re
      Giving Invocation
    10. History and present before us
      History and present before us
    11. Sir Francis McGowin
      Sir Francis McGowin
      Our Guest Speaker
    12. Retired Senior Chief Connie Jackson
      Retired Senior Chief Connie Jackson
      Singing National Anthem
    13. Sgt First Class Melissa Harris
      Sgt First Class Melissa Harris
      POW/MIA Ceremony
    14. Recognizing another veteran
      Recognizing another veteran
    15. Recognizing our WWII veteran
      Recognizing our WWII veteran

    ​Freedom Ball 2016

    Our first year we saluted a veteran from every war from WWII to today's soldiers.  

    Each year after we will plan a new focus. 
  1. ​​
    ​Freedom Ball 2017

    We had a wonderful time Saluting several of our Mississippi based Commanders.

    Our Special Thank you to Major General Robert Labrutta for being our Guest Speaker and delivering an inspiring and well orated speech!

    Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed the event.

    Our appreciation goes out to our ladies of the Mississippi Pin Ups for Patriots for the wonderful job they did seating our guests.