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We have broken our focus into four categories: 
political identity,

The ones listed here, in our opinion, not only talk about supporting our cause but have actually partaken and proven themselves to qualify to be listed within our Green Zone. 

Again, remember, this is our new Blog area so it is small at the moment but will grow as time goes on!

Scroll down to review each category.


Green Zone descriptions and tags are of the impression and opinion of the President of Crusaders for Veterans Inc., and is placed herewith to aid our veterans and patriots in making an educated decision on those of whom they wish to support.  Keep in mind that all of our focus is on assisting veterans, respecting our military and honoring our fallen.
If you know of a patriotic person, business, organization, or politician, please email us their information so we can invite them to our events, programs and ceremonies.

Let me clarify, that we watch the actions of politicians to see if they come out to our events for political purposes or for true patriotic reasons.  
We watch to see if their actions in Jackson, Ms and Washington, DC equal to assisting veterans and our military or NOT.
We may put them on in belief they are trusted but if along their line of political tenure their actions disprove such trust we will remove them and state a reason to why!

Crusaders for Veterans Inc President
Kevin (Reb) Cuttill
Speaking at our 50th Vietnam War Commemoration

(Especially businesses who market sales on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day - Many are SCAMS!)


Mississippi House of Representatives, Manly Barton

Manly Barton has assisted Crusaders for Veterans by contacting the proper officials in Jackson, Mississippi when CFV President, Kevin Cuttill, had issues with the Veterans Administration Medical facility in Biloxi.  CFV President had picked up a veteran who had tried to commit suicide and taken him to the VA Emergency Room; however, after several hours of sitting and not seeing anyone - a call to Representative Manly Barton proved beneficial, this veteran was seen and cared for within an hour.  Manly Barton is a Vietnam veteran and has received the Purple Heart.  He spoke at our 50th Vietnam War Commemoration ceremony in September 2015.  Manly Barton has proven himself a patriot to CFV and our veterans.
As you can tell there are NOT a lot of politicians we find that are truly VETERAN FOCUSED!  

We do not count those who partake only when it is election time but those who are on board with us and our goals continuously!


​​WXXV 25​ "Our Local Choice"!

This organization has proven itself as being an active member in support of our veterans in Mississippi. WXXV has a record with us of providing accurate and dependable news and resources for our organization and we will always support their organization equally.

Thunderroads Magaine

Publishers of Thunderroads Mississippi Louisiana Gulf Coast magazine Renee Tye and Andres Fehn has been active supporters for our veterans and our goals so we recognize the magazine as a whole as patriotic and biker focused.

Harrison County Board of Supervisors

Harrison County Board of Supervisors have been a continual support for our "Honor Our Fallen" program and has repeatedly supported events recognizing our veterans and respecting our military!  We appreciate and recognize this group of patriots.  We do NOT consider them typical politicians!

Heart songs for Veterans

Heart songs for veterans is a wonderful group of people that support our military and those who work to assist them.

Go to their website: and check them out!

Project Lips Radio Show

A lively patriotic group of ladies that demonstrate the true character of those who love our military and make a very pleasant atmosphere for those who join in with them!

Check out their radio show!

​Their website is

CVMA 44-1
Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Chapter 44-1 strongly supports those who take care of our veterans!  They actively take part in events that benefit veterans and those organizations they determine to care for struggling veterans.  We are proud to have been a recipient of such determination and support by these guys!


Riemann Family Funeral Homes

Riemann Family Funeral Homes have been an outstanding business in caring for, supporting and recognizing our veterans.   They have worked and supported our cause in many aspects from financially sponsoring events, funding storage for wreaths, partaking in Commemoration ceremonies to physically being present at the laying of wreaths.  Not to mention, they provide trips for our veterans to the World War II Museum in New Orleans.

Your Mama'z House

Your Mama'z House has gone above and beyond providing entertainment, food and recognition to our Military and Veterans alike.  This riverside bar and grill is a "Must See" for anyone along the Gulf Coast and tourists wanting to see the hospitality of the South!  They have hosted our Respect Our Military poker runs, fundraisers for many veterans, Christmas in the Bouffa and is the host for our October 29, 2016 50th Vietnam War Commemoration afterparty.  Crusaders for Veterans call this home away from home!

RAS Enterprises LLC

RAS Enterprises is a Disabled Veteran Owned company that has been a staunch supporter for our local Mississippi veterans and active military members.  Owner, Randy Soboul, has attended several CFV events, financially sponsored several events, donated without hesitation to fund our cause and has spoken at one of our 50th Vietnam War Commemoration ceremonies.  It is without question that patriotic blood flows through this owner and his business.

Shular Hospitality

Shular Hospitality has openly supported Crusaders for Veterans and our sister organization CFV Vixens 4 Vets.  We believe only those who actually act and provides a patriotic display of support should be listed on this page and Shular Hospitality has proven to be such!


HPS GROUP LLC has supported and sponsored Crusaders for Veterans for years and have been a very active partner in our efforts to care for our struggling veterans!  Very few can match the efforts, determination and patriotism as this business!  We were truly blessed to find this friendship.

Mississippi Power

This company has made themselves known as patriotic and veteran supportive by their actions and commitment to Crusaders for Veterans.

Southern Charm

Southern Charm furniture store owners are Rachael and Matthew who are strong veteran supporters; therefore, we, Crusaders for Veterans, recognizes them and endorses them with our trust.


Kathy Johnson

Kathy is the General Manager at the Clarion Inn in Gulfport and has provided Crusaders for Veterans Inc a conference room for meetings, dinners and training spaces.  She has repeatedly gone above and beyond to care for our organization, support our cause and has worked extensively in helping us provide a room for struggling veterans when the special cases arised.

Bob Gist

Bob is a "true to his word patriot" that has stepped up in many ways to assist Crusaders for Veterans Inc to achieve its goals.  It has been a pleasure and honor to work with someone who so strongly and openly displays his patriotism through actions NOT just words!

Julia Encalade

Julia Encalade is the Harrison County Veteran Service Officer and she has worked alongside Crusaders for Veterans for years now without hesitation.  She is the secretary on our "Honor Our Fallen" committee where we work hard to garner wreaths for the Biloxi National Cemetery.  Additionally, she takes care of our veterans paperwork like a mother caring for her children.  CFV is proud of this lady and recognizes her patriotism fully!